Hydro Extractor for Textile in China


    XCO Series Hydro Extractor for Textile in China


    1. SUS304 Stainless steel inner basket and machine body

    2. Direct driving system with special designed driving motor. Strong and stable for big capacity hydro-extracting.

    3. Inverter control for timing, automatic braking and variable revolving speed control requirement. Suitable for different material water extracting process.

    4. Stainless steel control cabinet for long life service

    5. Separate stainless steel fabric loading and unloading device for more convenient operation

    6. Pneumatic lid open device for easy and saft operation.

    7. Bottom stand is made by heavy iron casting for super silence and balance during high speed rotation. 8. Large capacity, high efficiency with low energy consumption. More popular for heavy gsm fabrics, like terry towel and blanket

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Garment Hydro Extractor